05.22.04-3:18 p.m.>

Time slips through everyones fingers and most of the time it used to leave me feeling completely helpless. I dont know who it is that went and injected this take charge attitude into my veins but its nice finally having this realization that we are only as powerful as we make ourselves.

So my history is just that. Time that has slipped through my fingers,. I cant be bothered trying to pick up the peices trying to make sense of it anymore,because spending too much time trying to hold onto things is a waste. Im too tall and on in my years to bother with things that bogged me down in the days when I cried to my diary.

Sometimes, I see color in things that grow... Or hear melody in the belly laugh of a baby and I just know that I'm ok. That everyone is ok. That there is a plan, and that I have a purpose.

Sad Sad Songs are such a thing of the past.